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Logan is a 7 years old who loves attention and positive affirmations. He is very smart, active, and enjoys playing outside. This little guy has high hopes of getting a power wheel for his birthday.

Logan likes to build with Legos and is very inquisitive and curious. He would do best in a home where he is the youngest or an only child.

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Jarmane is described as a happy child who likes to please!  He is also described as resilient and has the ability to adapt to various surroundings.  He is creative!  He likes to play basketball and also likes to play Super heroes.

Jarmane’s current foster family has expressed the desire to provide him permanency through the adoptive process.

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Tshombee and Devanere Born 2012 - 2011

These two cuties are full of energy and their smiles will brighten up anyone’s day. Tshombee is 5 years old. He loves school and is doing well in his Kindergarten class. He love attention and interacting with his peers. Devanere is 4 years old and enjoys staying active and busy. He thinks he is the boss and catches on to things quickly. They are bonded to one another as well as their foster parent.

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Mike'al - Born 2003

Mike’al is a medically fragile child and has been in custody since 2003. She requires all care and needs to be met for her due to her illness. She communicates with facial expressions and hand movements. When she smiles it lights up the room.

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Kierra - Born January 2000

Marcus - Born December 2000

Kierra and Marcus are part of a sibling group. 

Kierra is turning 16 and is doing well in her current placement.  Kierra enjoys arts and crafts, singing and dancing.  She is on an IEP and got all A’s last nine weeks! 

Marcus is doing well in the family foster home in which he currently resides.  He is turning 15 and is also doing well in school!  He played football in the Fall and wishes to go out for track in the Spring.  ....[Read More]

Ja'Cary - Born December 2012

Larry - Born December 2011


·         A family who can give Larry & Ja’Cary the attention, acceptance and affection that they need.

·         A family who can teach the boys at their levels, in spite of their delays.

·         A family who has experience with developmental delays and autism or one who is willing to learn.

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Willie - Born September 2001

Willie is an active teen who loves being outdoors. He especially likes to fix up bikes and bike ride. He says he’d like an active family who might engage in a friendly water balloon fight.  

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Treshaud - Born February 2000

Treshaud “Tre” is a young man who knows what he wants.  He is smart, healthy, and loves to play video games of all kinds!  Tre is currently in the eleventh grade.  He currently maintains his honor roll status at school and receives all A’s and B’s.... [Read More]

Nicholas - Born December 1999

Nicholas is an energetic child.  Nicholas has a great love for animals and also likes football.   .....[Read More]

Steven - Born July 1997

Steven loves to play board games and UNO. He likes to read and he reads the Bible in his quiet time.  His room looks like a typical boy’s room-more clothes on the floor than in the closet!  His favorite food is Pizza and he also likes to eat pancakes.

Once Steven warms up to you he will not hesitate to give you a hello and goodbye hug! ....[Read More]


Naydean - Born July 2000 

Naydean is a delightful young lady who makes the honor roll often, and plans to attend college.  To have a caring, supportive family means the world to Naydean. 

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Krystal - Born 2001

Krystal is a sweet young lady in need of a home. She enjoys doing typical teen things such as hanging around with friends and being on her phone. She likes being creative and expressing herself artistically.

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Jacob is an almost four year old child who has had some medical issues that are almost all resolved.  He will be in Pre-school in the Fall. 

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Jenaria is the two and a half year old sibling of Jacob.  She is reportedly EXTREMELY active!  She love to play with her Minnie stuffed animal, and loves Mickey too!  Jenaria can count to 12 and knows some of her colors!

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Arianna is a beautiful 1 1/2 year old child with a sweet disposition! She appears to be developmentally on target and is thriving in the home with her brother whom she is very bonded and attached.  Arianna's foster family has expressed the desire to provide her with permanency through adoption.

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Mack is a nine year old boy who has a smile that melts your heart! He was diagnosed with Sickle Cell as a baby and has frequent doctor visits.  He likes school and is a little behind his peers but is working to catch up!

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Layla is a typical 14 month old little girl who enjoys playing with other children and watching Teletubbies. She is a happy and laid back child with a healthy appetite.


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T’shombe is an energetic child, who likes being the center of attention. He has a great sense of humor and is a fierce competitor on and off the court. He enjoys playing football and basketball. T’shombe loves attending school, as he thrives in the classroom and gets great grades.


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Miracle is a beautiful, energetic child.  Her caregivers describe her as funny, bright, and enjoyable to be around!  She likes to play on her tablet and with her siblings!

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