Children Available for Adoption

Victoria- Born August 1999

Victoria is an affectionate and personable young lady. She is a good student. She is currently receiving A's and B's in school. She loves sports and is involved in volleyball, basketball and track. Victoria has a great sense of humor and always has a smile on her face. Victoria loves to go to the movies or the mall with friends....[Read More]

Caleb - Born March 2007

Caleb loves having his picture taken and agrees that he has an awesome smile!  He can be a sweet, loving, respectful child.  He does well with structure and known expectations for his tantrums.


...[Read More]

K'Alia - Born September 2009

K’Alia is a happy, busy girl who needs love!  Because she was born with medical challenges. She is an adorable child who loves to sing, dance and play dress up.  She is curious and asks many questions.  She loves to be read too.

...[Read More]

Willie - Born September 2001

Willie is an active teen who loves being outdoors. He especially likes to fix up bikes and bike ride. He says he’d like an active family who might engage in a friendly water balloon fight.  

...[Read More]

Leila - Born July 2011

Isaiah - Born August 2012

Nathaniel - Born July 2013

Leila, Isaiah, and Nathaniel are a very close knit sibling group who love the outdoors and going to the park.  They would benefit from an active, patient two parent home!  ...[Read More]

Clarence - Born April 2000

Ebony - Born April 2004

Clarence “CJ” and Ebony long to be with a dedicated and loving family.  CJ and Ebony have experienced a lot of disappointment and loss in their lives.  ...[Read More]

Randy - Born September 2000

Meet Randy!  Despite the disappointments this young man has had in his life, his smile lights up a room!

Randy plans to join the Army after graduation.  He has an A in ROTC and various grades in his other subjects.  Randy is bright.  Perhaps if he were settled in his adoptive family, his focus could be on his school work, with an improvement of grades.  He intends to take Culinary Arts and Cosmetology soon.

 ...[Read More]

Doug - Born January 1999

Doug is somewhat a typical teen…likes things his way and does not like surprises.

His foster parents describe him as a very hard worker and he wants to help them do whatever they are doing.

He enjoys playing video games and basketball. ...[Read More]

Heaven - Born June 1999

Heaven is a somewhat reserved young lady who struggles with her weight.  She participated in the school’s track team last year and proudly shows off her ribbon and trophy!...[Read More]

Treshaud - Born February 2000

Treshaud is looking for a family to help secure his permanency.  The adoptive parent(s) will need to be very nurturing, patient and flexible.  Treshaud tends to love one-on-one attention, but will do well in a home with older children.  .... [Read More]

Andrew - Born October 2002

Andrew is a bright, energetic child who is in need of permanency.

Andrew does well academically, usually receiving A’s....[Read More]

Tanika - Born November 1996

Tanika was raised by her father and step mom until they died one and a half years apart. First, her step mom died of a heart attack when Tanika was 8 and then her father died of cancer when Tanika was 9. 

Tanika is a good student and works hard to achieve good grades in school.....[Read More]

Clayton - Born December 1998

Clayton is charming, helpful, talkative, and friendly.  He enjoys football and also likes video games.  He loves to do projects-anything from painting birdhouses to boxes!  Legos or movies are the way to go when Clayton needs to de-escalate himself.....[Read More]

Nicholas - Born December 1999

Nicholas is an energetic child who also has a mischievous side!  He recently took a lizard to school to see the reaction of school officials!  Nicholas has a great love for animals and also likes football.....[Read More]

Steven - Born July 1997

Steven loves to play board games and UNO. He likes to read and he reads the Bible in his quiet time.  His room looks like a typical boy’s room-more clothes on the floor than in the closet!  His favorite food is Pizza and he also likes to eat pancakes.

Once Steven warms up to you he will not hesitate to give you a hello and goodbye hug! ....[Read More]

Stephanie - Born July 1997

Stephanie loves to sing and is currently in her church choir!  She would like to play sports and is interested in soccer and baseball.  She would also like to try out for cheerleading.....[Read More]

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Michelle & Anaiya - Born February 2011 & November 2012

This sibling group of two are a delight to have in the home according to their foster family! Michelle had a difficult start in life but is doing very well now. Anaiya is developmentally on target and learns new things every day!.....[Read More]

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Timothy - Born December 2000

Timothy is a young man who has had several tough breaks through his childhood....[Read More]

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