Tokala born January 2011

Tokala (TK) is a special needs child with a lot of energy. TK loves to talk, is very polite, and enjoys keeping busy. He loves positive reinforcement and does well in a structured setting. TK enjoys cooking, owns many cookbooks, and loves showing off the many dishes he prepares.

TK loves to be helpful and is very caring in nature. He enjoys going out in the community and playing at the park. TK loves to read and would benefit from someone who loves to do the same and could help him become more fluent in doing so himself. TK also enjoys video games and watching Mr. Beast.

TK needs a family that can show him patience and give him the attention and acceptance he needs to grow. TK would do best as an only child, though he does well with other children depending on their age. He should be with a family who has experience with developmental delays or is willing to learn.

For more information, please contact Melissa Scullen at MCCSB:

Phone: 330.941.8888 | Email: [email protected]