Independent Living

Mahoning County Children Services


For Youth Ages 14 – 18:

Youth in this age range, who are in substitute care, child welfare agencies are required to provide independent living services to help them successfully transition into adulthood and become self-sufficient.


Young Adults Ages 18 – 21:

Young adults in this age range, who have already been emancipated from substitute care, are also eligible to receive independent living services upon request. The Independent Living Coordinator, family and community providers assist and support this population in developing an independent living plan, and engaging in identified services to make a successful transition to independence.

IL Services for Youth ages 14 and up in agency custody:

Mahoning County Children Services provides independent living services to help young people in agency custody successfully transition into adulthood and become self-sufficient. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Academic support
  • Post-secondary educational support
  • Career preparation
  • Employment programs or vocational training
  • Budget and financial management
  • Housing education and home management
  • Health education and risk prevention
  • Family support and healthy relationship training
  • Mentoring
  • Transition planning


Post Emancipation Services (for Youth who have emancipated from agency custody and are under 21):

Independent Living Coordinators, with the assistance of family and/or community supports, assist youth in making a successful transition to living independently. The focus is to empower youth to establish and maintain lasting relationships, obtain/maintain employment, continue their education/career training and maintain housing.