Makayla, DOB 3/12/10

Hello meet Makayla,

Makayla is a charming young lady that loves to laugh and have a good time. She enjoys baking cookies and other treats. She loves playing volleyball and has played for several years. She enjoys listening to all types of music. One of her favorite dishes is ramen noodles. She is a girly girl and likes wearing jewelry. She is also a big Ohio State Buckeyes fan. She enjoys spending time outdoors and going to amusement parks. Makayla does very well in school and takes school seriously. She recognizes the importance of getting a good education.

Makayla would benefit from a home with a strong female figure that provides structure but, also understanding. Someone who will help guide her through her teenage years into adulthood. If you would like to help this young lady grow into a wonderful young adult by giving her a supportive and  loving home, please contact:


Lynette Brown at MCCSB for more information

(330)941-8888 or email [email protected]