Family Services

What the Family Services Department Can Offer You
What the Family Services Department can offer you:

  • A caseworker who will help you make contacts regarding housing, financial assistance, financial education, employment, counseling, substance abuse treatment, schooling and other community services.


  • Parenting classes that are provided to teach new ways of dealing with difficult problems you and your child are facing. You will learn new skills to motivate, stimulate, discipline and care for your child safely.


  • A Family Service Aide who will assist you in various activities such as budgeting, home management, and transportation when available, if this is a case plan need.


  • Protection of a child from abuse or neglect by engaging the family to learn how to keep the child safe, or when necessary, placing him/her with appropriate family or friends or in a foster home or group home while the family works on issues that may have been endangering.


  • Adoption services to a child if he/she cannot be safely returned to his/her parent, a relative or approved family friend