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Mahoning County Children Services is the county’s single agency empowered to provide public care and services to children as set forth in Chapter 5153 of the Ohio Revised Code. Our mission: Mahoning County Children Services, in partnership with the community, is committed to being the leader in protecting children while helping preserve families.


Mahoning County Children Services’ Adoption Unit strives to secure a permanent family for children and youth awaiting adoption, and to improve the well-being and functioning of adoptive families, and adopted children.


Krystal is a sweet young lady in need of a home.


Andrew is a bright, energetic child who is in need of permanency


Christian is seven years old. He is a good student, excels in math and enjoys reading.

Aiden- Matched to a Family

Aiden is a highly energetic 13 year old, who is a social butterfly.  He loves interacting with his peers.

Jackson – Matched to a Family

Jackson is a sweet boy who is in pre-school.


Logan is a healthy 9-year-old. He is very sweet and likes to help.


Willie is an active teen who loves being outdoors. 

K’Amira, K’Alia & K’Amyra

This sibling group of three are full of fun & energy.

Luke – Matched to a Family

Luke is an extremely sweet and adorable toddler.


T’shombe is an energetic child, who likes being the center of attention.

William and Carmello – Matched to a Family

William is a toddler who appears to be developmentally and socially on target.


Araya is a sweet and happy 18-month-old. She appears to be developmentally on target.


Daveyah is a sweet little girl who shows compassion for her foster siblings. 

Lanaya -Matched to a Family

Lanaya is a happy, healthy, soon to be two-year old girl.

Sebastian- Matched to a Family

Sebastian is a strikingly handsome, happy, healthy and active four year old boy.

Sir Lee- Matched to a Family

Sir is a very healthy, happy and active four year-old boy.

Eric – Matched to a Family

Eric is a toddler who is considered medically fragile.

Lyriq – Matched to a Family

Lyriq is a bright, active toddler who enjoys dance.


This young man has been through a lot in his almost sixteen years of life.


La’Breia is very articulate young lady, who enjoys dressing up getting her hair and nails done