DOB: 07/2006

Crashawn who is lovingly referred to as “Crash” by staff who have come to know and care for him since 2009 is a 16 year old young man who due to health reasons, may not be able to leave the facility where he is residing.  However, the smile on his face says it all!  He has so much to give to a family but, could also benefit from family to visit with him regularly, talk to him, rub his arm and maybe read him some books and take him on walks.  A family that could be part of his medical decision making as needed, or just to approve routine care and communicate with staff about his needs.  A Family that is willing and able to continue to fulfill these roles and  advocate for him as he reaches adulthood and beyond.


Crashawn  likes to listen to music, old television shows, and seems to enjoy people talking to him about everyday life.  He likes lights and has a string around his room for him to enjoy.  His brow furrows when he is seemingly unhappy or perhaps contemplating what is going on in his current surroundings. Crashawn does not like sunny, hot days, but as seen in the photo below, enjoys the falling snow and cooler temperatures.  If you would like to know more about this young man or would like to submit your home study for consideration, please have your licensing worker contact:


Elizabeth Kollar at Mahoning County Children Services

[email protected]

(330) 941-8888