Am I ready to become a Foster/Adoptive Parent?

Please answer these questions YES or NO

1. I have enough room in my home for a foster/adoptive child.

You must have enough bedroom space for a foster/adoptive child. A foster/adoptive child may share a bedroom with another same sex child but the child cannot share a bedroom with anyone over the age of 18 years old except in stipulated circumstances. No one can move out of his/her bedroom and sleep on the couch to make room for the child. The child must have his/her own bed.

2. I am ready to have a safety inspection of my home done now.

It is important to live in a safe environment. During the home study process, your social worker will conduct a safety inspection of your home. Your home must be free of danger and garbage. You must have working smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

3. I am in good physical, emotional and mental health.

Being a parent can be demanding! You must be healthy and emotionally stable to care for foster/adoptive children. Everyone in your home must provide a medical statement completed by a physician. Everyone will be interviewed by a social worker.

4. I have never had a case with an agency due to abuse or neglect.

If you have had an open social services case in the past, you may not be able to become a foster/adoptive parent. This includes substantiated cases of abuse or neglect or if your own child was placed in foster care or adopted. When we receive your application, we will review our own records. If you have any questions call (330) 941-8888 and talk with a Licensing Specialist.

5. I have adequate income to meet my current family’s needs.

You do not have to be rich to become a foster/adoptive parent, however, you must have enough income to meet your family’s needs. During the home study process, you will be asked to provide proof of income and to review family expenses.

6. I have been in my current relationship for more than 12 months.

Foster/adoptive parents can be single, married or divorced. However, you must have been in your current marital status for at least 12 months for foster care/adoptive to ensure stability in your relationship. If you have any questions, please call and speak with a Licensing Specialist at (330) 941-8888.

7. No adult in my home has ever been convicted of a crime.

If you or any adult residing in your home has been convicted of certain criminal offenses, you cannot become a foster/adoptive parent. Each member in your household over the age of 18 will be fingerprinted. If you have specific questions regarding which crimes are prohibited, please call the Licensing Department. If you have not been a resident of Ohio for the past five years, an FBI check is also done.

8. I am ready to begin the home study process now!

You are ready to begin if your life and home are stable. “Stable” means that you are not about to move, having financial, marital or emotional difficulties or making any major life changes in the near future. Also, if you rent you will need your landlord’s approval and your home must be in good repair. You have given serious thought to the decision to become a foster/adoptive parent.

If you answered ‘YES’ to all these statements, take the next step to begin the process of becoming a Foster / Adoptive Parent by contacting Mahoning County Children’s Services Board to begin the process

PHONE: 330.941.8888 EXT: 8858 or EMAIL:  [email protected]   

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