DOB:  8.9.2010

Demetrius is a respectful young man who enjoys Marvel Super Heroes, Legos, drawing, and cooking. He also enjoys playing basketball and was on his schools team this past season. Demetrius has had a significant amount of trauma in his life and despite his trauma is fairly well-adjusted.  He has verbalized the desire for a traditional family with a mom and a dad and would also like to be in a family that has other boys.  However, he would be open to meeting other types of non-traditional families as well with any gender of other children.  Demetrius has typical pre-teen boy behaviors-would rather play than do chores and takes time to finish things he isn’t really interested in.  He is a very helpful child and is always offering to lend a hand or quickly steps in to help those younger than him.  In the educational setting he is described as a youth who gets along well  with peers and adults.  He follows the rules of the classroom, and is very likeable.  


Demetrius would benefit from parental figures who are supportive of his artistic interests as well as his athletic interests while encouraging him to be the best version of himself that he can be in all aspects of life.  If you and your family are interested in learning more about this child, please have your licensing worker contact:


Elizabeth Kollar at Mahoning County Children Services

[email protected]

(330) 941-8888