Elexius Born December 2005

Elexius is somewhat shy upon first meeting her. However, when she becomes acquainted with you is when those walls come tumbling down. She is a very sweet young lady with a wonder-fully inviting demeanor and a smile that can light up any room. Elexius can express some great insight. However, there are times she struggles to express her feelings. Elexius’ shy-ness stems from low-confidence and it can in-terfere with her ability to communicate effec-tively with peers in her age group

Elexius would benefit from a parent that will help guide her as she approaches adulthood to build trust, stability and support rooted in a lov-ing environment.

Elexius is a kind and loving young lady that as-pires to be an educator. She is still seeking to identify her long-term goals.

If you would like to help this young lady “be all the she can be in life” by being that shining example and support in a loving family, please contact Chantell Morgan at MCCSB:

Phone: 330.941.8888 | Email:  [email protected]