Hello meet Messiah,

He is a very rambunctious 4 ½ -year-old who is extremely intelligent and articulate.  He is an inquisitive preschooler that is curious, energetic, and fascinated by the world around him.  He is very independent, outspoken, and has many interests.  Messiah loves playing with toys cars, trucks, action figures, and riding motorized toys.  He is learning to share with peers.  Messiah enjoys watching cartoons, his favorite superhero is Spiderman, and his favorite movie is Home Alone.  Additionally, he enjoys watching the NFL on game day, as well as playing flag football.

Messiah would benefit from a two-parent home. Family time and bonding is very important to him. He needs someone to help him build trust, feel stabile, nurtured, and supported in a loving environment.

If you would like to provide him with permanency, please have your worker email your homestudy to:

Constance Massey-Hight

Phone: 330.941.8888

Fax: 330.941.8787

Email: [email protected]