DOB is 9-18-2012



Roryon does well academically and gets along well with his peers. Roryon is easy going and has a good sense of humor. He is a bubbly child who cares about others.  He enjoys video games and any type of electronics.  He enjoys playing outdoors when the weather permits. 

Roryon would do well in a two-parent home with other siblings.  He really seems to enjoy family activities and interaction.  He would benefit from caregivers who are willing and able to give him one on one attention but also who are able to step back and let him learn on his own.

If you are interested in being considered for Roryon please have your licensing worker send your home study and child characteristic check list to: Adoption Assessor, Chantell Morgan at Mahoning County Children Services: 330 941-8888 ext. 2806, Email


Demetrius would benefit from parental figures who are supportive of his artistic interests as well as his athletic interests while encouraging him to be the best version of himself that he can be in all aspects of life.  If you and your family are interested in learning more about this child, please have your licensing worker contact:


Elizabeth Kollar at Mahoning County Children Services

(330) 941-8888