Makya, Tokala, Sheyenne and Nova

Meet this energetic sibling group made up of two boys, Makya (12) and Tokala (11) and two younger sisters, Sheyenne (9) and Nova (7). They are a strikingly handsome bunch that are highly energetic and love interacting with others especially their peers. All of the siblings are extremely
bonded to one another. They all have
great senses of humor and are very creative.
They enjoy playing outdoors, running, hiking and riding their bikes. The boys love playing video games and with their toys. The girls enjoy dance, cheering, coloring and playing dress-up. All of the sibling watch cartoons together and love to make each other laugh. They are strong-willed
and have a healthy and natural sibling
dynamic. This can lead to disagreements over which cartoons to watch or who gets the last of anything. Most of all, they have a genuine love for one another and are very caring individuals that all just so happen to be siblings.

Keeping these siblings together can prevent a lifetime of longing and searching for their lost brothers and sisters. If you feel you would like to enhance your life with this sibling group by providing them with permanency, please have your worker submit your completed home study

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