Meet Anthony!

Anthony was born 08/15/2005.  He is a caring and thoughtful young man.  He loves making others smile and genuinely enjoys spending time with others.  Anthony gets along with all age groups and is easy going.  He loves being outside, swimming, enjoying nature, and playing sports recreationally.  He has a passion for interior design and decorating.  He is thrifty and enjoys crafting.  Anthony enjoys a clean space and takes pride in keeping his home clean and tidy.  After graduation, Anthony would like to attend college for interior design and eventually pursue a career in the field.


Anthony is learning to take ownership of his faults and work through them.  Anthony expresses that he strives to be better than he was yesterday. Anthony’s self-image is positive, and he loves taking photographs of himself and his friends.


Anthony would love a family who is willing to spend time with him.  He loves staying active and being around people.  Anthony has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh and joke.  Anthony is eager to find his forever home.  He is seeking a family that will accept him for who he is and be there for him physically and emotionally. 


For more information, please contact Melissa Scullen at MCCSB:

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