CAMERON:  DOB  3/29/2004

ASIA:             DOB  4/20/2007

Cameron and Asia are teenagers who have experienced many traumatic events in their lives yet still manage to smile! Cameron enjoys drawing.  He journals and his writing along with his drawing provide useful tools in processing some of his trauma. Asia enjoys singing, dancing, and doing hair.  Artwork provides a coping strategy for Asia and another outlet to process her trauma.

These two children would benefit from a home that provides structure and understanding. Parents who
accept them for who they are and who acknowledge that their past experiences have had an adverse effect on them and are willing to help them understand that these experiences do not have to define who they are or who they become.  Parents who are willing to work with them on moving forward in life while providing love, support, and guidance.”

If you think you and your family are able to be what these children need or are willing to learn what they need while you remain there for them, please have your worker send your completed home study to

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