Tshombe greets everyone with his warm and loving smile. The joy he feels is contagious! He has a way with people and makes friends wherever he goes. What’s most amazing is that he remembers everyone he meets, even briefly, the next time their paths cross. T’shombe is energetic and likes being the center of attention. He is extremely respectful, caring, and possess the most bubbly  personality.

Tshombe loves to attend school daily, where he can see his friends and his favorite teachers. Every morning, he’s ready to go in plenty of time to eat breakfast before school. He prides himself in receiving great marks and classroom participation. He has a great sense of humor and is a fierce competitor when playing basketball and football with his friends. His favorite pastime is playing video games as he considers himself a Hardcore gamer. He thrives on positive feedback.

If you would like to provide him with permanency, please have your worker contact:  Constance Massey-Hight at (330) 941-8888 or email at Constance.Massey-Hight@jfs.ohio.gov