Waiting Children

Securing a Permanent Family for Children & Youth Awaiting Adoption


T’shombe is an energetic child, who likes being the center of attention. He has a great sense of humor and is a fierce competitor on and off the court. He enjoys playing football and basketball. T’shombe loves attending school, as he thrives in the...

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Born August 21, 2016 Lanaya is a happy, healthy, soon to be two-year old girl. She has met all developmental milestones, but has limited verbal skills at this time. She shies away when first meeting someone but soon warms up. She enjoys figuring things out...

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Tanner longs to live with an adoptive family. He needs a patient family who can help him through his teenage years, to prepare him for adulthood. Tanner is funny, insightful and fun to be with. He benefits from a small, supportive classroom setting. Tanner...

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Born in December 2001 Krystal is a sweet young lady in need of a home. She enjoys doing typical teen things such as hanging around with friends and being on her phone. She likes being creative and expressing herself artistically. She plays the guitar and...

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Born in September 2001 Willie is an active teen who loves being outdoors.  He enjoys playing basketball, video games and bike riding. Although Willie doesn’t like school much, he’s a bright young man and gets A’s and B’s on his report card. Willie can make...

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Ja’Cary and Larry

Born in 2012 and 2011 Wanted: A family who can give Larry & Ja’Cary the attention, acceptance and affection that they need. A family who can teach the boys at their levels, in spite of their delays. A family who has experience with developmental delays and...

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Born in 2003 Mike’al is a medically fragile child and has been in custody since 2003. She requires all care and needs to be met for her due to her illness. She communicates with facial expressions and hand movements. When she smiles it lights up the room....

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Born in 2005 Jarmane is described as a happy child who likes to please!  He is also described as resilient and has the ability to adapt to various surroundings.  He is creative!  He likes to play basketball and also likes to play Super heroes. His favorite...

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Born in 2010 Logan is a 7 year old who loves attention and positive affirmations. He is very smart, active, and enjoys playing outside. This little guy has high hopes of getting a power wheel for his birthday. His favorite T. V. programs are the Power...

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