One Church, One Child (OCOC) is a program that was created by Father George Clements of Chicago, IL. in 1980 which encourages the religious community to help recruit adoptive parents for children who are out of their natural homes. It is a concept that incorporates the leadership of the religious community with the experience and resources of an adoption agency into a partnership to secure homes for waiting children.


Mahoning County Children Services

Welcomes 2011 National One Church, One Child  Convention 

This year, Mahoning County Children Services, along with Trumbull County Children Services and Homes for Kids, Inc., was proud to co-host the One Church, One Child National Convention, held at the Avalon Inn Resort in Warren from October 12 - 14.  This conference not only served to unite child serving agencies and the faith-based community, but also served as a recruitment event for the entire Mahoning Valley. In addition, John Jemison, Coordinator of the One Church, One Child Program, was honored with The State of Ohio Senatorial Citation for outstanding achievement and accomplishment.   Father George Clements, founder of the One Church, One Child Program, was a special guest and presenter for this national event.


From left to right: Rona Curtis, MCCS Family Services Dept. Program Administrator; Father George Clements, Founder of the One Church, One Child Program; Rev. Dr. Lewis Macklin,  MCCS Board Vice-Chair; Denise E. Stewart, MCCS Executive Director



From left to right: Rev. Dr. Lewis Macklin, MCCS Board Vice-Chair; Father George Clements, Founder of the One Church, One Child Program; Rev. Jimmy Baldwin, Sr., Keynote Speaker; John Jemison, MCCS Coordinator of the One Church, One Child Program


The Mission:
To provide a safe, caring and loving home for all children in the child welfare system by partnering with the faith-based organizations and churches to recruit families willing to foster and/or adopt.

Four Key Roles:
Agency Recruiter's Role
  • Identifies/confirms churches to become involved in OCOC.
  • Makes initial contact with the pastor or designated lay leader.
  • Becomes familiar with the church's structure, practices and protocol.
  • Organizes/disseminates recruitment material.
  • Educates the community about the adoption process and dispels adoption "myths".

Pastor's Role
  • Endorses the One Church, One Child program and welcomes it into the church.
  • Appoints a liaison between the local church and agency recruiters (Church Coordinator).
  • Supports the Church Coordinator.
  • Makes appeals for adoptive families from the pulpit.
  • Uses other opportunities within the church to promote the need for adoptive families.
  • Supports the adoptive family once the placement has transpired.

Church Coordinator's Role
  • Keeps the need for adoptive families before the congregation.
  • Maintains a supply of adoption literature.
  • Makes the OCOC display visible and accessible and makes presentations.
  • Becomes familiar with the adoption process.
  • Coordinates the planning of an annual recruitment activity.
  • Remains alert to the recruitment opportunities within the church.
  • Collects names, addresses, and telephone numbers of potential adoptive families and relays this information to the appropriate agency staff.

Church Member's Role
  • Seriously considers adoption as a way to build his/her family.
  • Seriously considers becoming a foster parent.
  • Be supportive of friends, family members, congregation members and colleagues who are considering adoption or who are involved in the adoption process.
 Print the One Church, One Child brochure

For more information about the One Church, One Child program please contact
Theresa Pancoe, Coordinator  
at 330-941-8888 or visit the National OCOC website.

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